Learning Progress Sheet

Olympic inquiry

At school we have recenty just finished a project on the olympics. I did my project with my freind Georgia. We had to choose a country, Georgia, sport, Figure Ice Skating and also a person/ team we choose Hamish bond.  On top of that we also had to read herds the history and rings. We had set tasks that we had to do in order this is our presiontation.

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing 
Should performance I hanging drugs be aloud in the olympics?
My name is  Cushla Bridges and I think that performance enhancing drugs ( or any kind of drugs ) should be prohibited from the olympics
Reason one   If everyone was allowed to use drugs the Olympus would turn into a completion if who could get the best drugs and who had the money. It was also mean that countries that had less money had a less likely chance to win. 
Reason two If the olympics turned into a drug war of corse you would need the right body to handle all of drugs. This is were the sicwntists come into use . You hire a scientist to tell u what u need to make your body better . Just think you could be the best at a sport in your countries but not be aloud to compete because your body couldn't handle the drugs.
Reason three One if issues that is happening now and that will never change is, that people are finding out more and more new drugs that no one else knows of so they can't test them or sca…


At school this term we are focusing on the olypic said and the holy sarcrements

Cheese experiment

For the last few weeks me and my friend Georgia have been doing a experiment on moldy cheese. For our experiment we had 4 types of Cheese, blue cheese, cobly cheddar and mild. From the pictures it shows that cobly is very fast and cheddar did not do anything.

3D hologram

For science me and my friend Georgia did a 3D hologram.